Rumor Alert... The Hobbit in 3 Parts? Jackson to Direct Part 3?

We're just going back and forth here on this rumor.  First, Peter Jackson will direct The Hobbit... then Peter Jackson won't direct The Hobbit... then Guillermo del Toro will direct The Hobbit movie with a bridge film... and finally Guillermo del Toro will direct The Hobbit as one story in two films.  And THAT last bit is certainly confirmed.

Now, Jim at Marketsaw is opening a new trap door for us to fall into... namely, that Jackson will indeed direct a THIRD movie that WILL be a bridge film based on the Lord of the Rings' appendices.

Marketsaw has had a pretty good track record so far, but Jackson's recent interview on MTV certainly seems pretty solidly on the no-additional-movie-in-the-foreseeable-future side, so I can't really see this being actually true.

The only hint that Jackson may indeed want to direct another film was this quote from the Wall Street Journal: "In some respects, I’m still not sure if I made the right decision in not directing, because I’m enjoying it so much."

There's some hubbub about the films being made in 3D (something Jackson brought up at Comic-Con but wasn't ready to commit to yet), and being filmed in stereoscopic 3D. You can read about all that at Marketsaw.

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