New Hobbit Trailer Has 5 Different Endings... Have you seen them all?

In RivendellIn RivendellThe official Hobbit site has put up a page that allows you to select and share new endings for the new Hobbit Trailer... You can pick between Gandalf, Bilbo, Sting, Gollum, and the Dwarves (which is the one we see in the official trailer). Click the links below to see each one:

Gandalf Ending
(Gandalf, Bilbo and the Dwarves leaving the Shire)

Bilbo Ending
(Dwarves give the "contract" to Bilbo)

Sting Ending
(Bilbo examines Sting)

Gollum Ending
(Bilbo meets Gollum)

Dwarves Ending
(Same as the original trailer)

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