McKellen Dines with Del Toro to Discuss Gandalf

Ian McKellen told reporters at a group interview on Thursday that he was dining with Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro that evening... particularly to discuss reprising his role as Gandalf in the 2 hotly anticipated prequel films.  Here's what he said...

"I'm having supper with Guillermo del Toro this evening. You're asking me about 12 hours too early."

"I've been promised I am [going to be involved]. And as Guillermo del Toro's directing it, I should be so lucky. And in New Zealand, a place I love, so it's almost an ideal job for me."

"[Gandalf's] got the best lines, hasn't he?" he asked rhetorically.

Sounds like he's ready to go... let's hope that other things actually start "going" sooner than later!

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