McKellen Confident The Hobbit Will Start Filming This Year

Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and FrodoGandalf (Ian McKellen) and FrodoIan McKellen (who of course has the role of Gandalf all sewn up for The Hobbit) was interviewed on the Fitzy, Claire, and Jules Radio Show in order to promote his latest in "Waiting for Godot", and made the following confident statement:

It's in production. The sets are ready, the script's ready and the movie is going to be cast this month. Fans are not to get worried. The films will get made and I suspect we'll start shooting the end of this year.

McKellen has been a sort of unofficial voice for The Hobbit--he's previously mentioned what The Hobbit's status is.  And though he hasn't been exactly right, I'm betting he's a lot closer to the current status of the film than most of the rest of the world...  Here's hoping a new director is announced soon!

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