Lord of the Rings Stars Give Vocal Support to The Hobbit - Wizard news

A number of news outlets are reporting that the LOTR stars are offering their support for The Hobbit... here's one report from Wizard News:

Lord of the Rings stars offer their support for The Hobbit

The stars of Lord of the Rings have given director Peter Jackson a promise they'll return for The Hobbit if the New Zealand director decides to complete the J.R.R. Tolkien saga - even though their Rings characters weren't born when the story takes place.

Jackson has hinted that he would be interested in adapting the revered British author's pre-Lord of The Rings story into a movie, and now his Hobbit stars are pushing him to go for it.

Scottish actor Billy Boyd, who played Hobbit Pippin in the Lord of The Rings films, says, "People want it so much. There was talk of us playing our characters' relatives. I'm sure we'd all make ourselves free for that."

And Jackson would be able to cut down on the on-set costs if his Hobbits returned - they're considering buying a communal property in New Zealand.

Elijah Wood explains, "A lot of us are actually thinking about going in on property in New Zealand."

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