Hobbit Blu-Ray in... 2012? Lord of the Rings Blu-ray... when?

The Two Towers DVD The Two Towers DVD While The Hobbit won't start filming until next summer, and it won't be in theatres until (at the earliest) December 2011, some folks are already looking to the Blu-Ray release of the film.

In short, Blu-ray.com is noting that with this delay to The Hobbit, we can expect a delay for the Blu-ray release too.

Of course, I'm more concerned about the delay in The Lord of the Rings blu-ray.  It was "indefinitely" delayed back in September of this year, with nary a hint as to when to expect it... My guess is that we'll see the hi-def release of LOTR correspondend with the marketing of The Hobbit film.  But, that may not be until 2011!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the delay in The Hobbit doesn't delay the LOTR blu-ray additionally.

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