Submissions Call from In Fellowship, the Tolkien-based Journal of the Gathering of the Fellowship

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming publication of the premiere issue of In Fellowship in July, 2005. Please go to for a sneak preview!

We are now receiving both fiction and non-fiction submissions for our second issue of In Fellowship. Please see our Journal webpage for more information at

Presenting our second issue Readers Voice:

We're sure YOU have a story. What have you done that is 'off the wall' because of your passion for Tolkien?
Introducing the Readers Voice for In Fellowship's second issue:
"For the love of Tolkien...
In 40 words or less, share the craziest thing you have done 'for the love of Tolkien' with others who will understand."

Please send your responses to

Ad space is now available for our second issue of In Fellowship. We would love to have you advertise with us. For details, please go to

For the general webpage of the Gathering of the Fellowship, please see

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