You Know You're in the Shire When.... - Hey, Where Did All These Short Dudes Come From?

1. You are surrounded by little people, who try to force you to eat seven meals a day.
2. You can't enter a room without hitting your head on something.
3. You are considered a giant, and you're only JUST over four feet tall.
4. People give YOU gifts on THEIR birthday.
5. All the members of the family you are staying with have rhyming names.
6. You see VERY small children with hairy feet.
7. You are saved from a man-eating willow tree by some guy whose name you can't remember, but you DO remember that his boots were yellow.
8. You think you might have seen a UFO, but it turns out it was only an apple, thrown at one of the "Big Folk."
9. You sk about a Green Dragon, and everyone point you to an inn in Hobbiton.
10. The most adventurous you get is stealing mushrooms from Farmer Maggot.
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