Will The Real Christopher Lee Please Stand Up? - Posters, pictures, sculptures? Bah! Why settle for small stuff when you can have a full sized Christopher Lee lurking behind the sofa?

Life-Size Saruman Stand-Up
We learned from The Official Christopher Lee Web that the web retailer Entertainment Earth currently has the full size cardboard standup available for $29.99. Alternately, you can find the same item available through the Life Size Standups website.

As expected, Lord of the Rings merchandise has started to make its way across the web, and happily Christopher Lee is very much in evidence. The latest item to arrive on the scene is a life-size standup of Christopher Lee as Saruman. Stand-ups have traditionally been used in cinemas for advertising purposes, but in recent years, they have become a staple of the merchandise machine and collectors market.

If you’ve ever wanted to have Mr. Lee in your living room, this as good as it gets!

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