What really happened on Weather Top

Merry: PPPPSSSSSTTTT! Pip! I can't sleep!
Pip: Me neither...what should we do???
Merry: Dunno...
Frodo: zzzzzzzzz
Sam: mumble mumble *yawn*
Merry: want to play tig?
Pip: too loud...and I know Elijah suspects something...
Merry: cup?
Pip: do you see a cup anywere???I think not!
Merry: then what?
*10 min. later*
Pip: Oh....I wish i was a little bar of soap!
Merry: Oh I wish I was a little bar of soap!
(together) I'd go...
Sam: Hey...what are you two doing?
Pip: Singing!!!*smile*
Merry: Want to join us?
Sam: No...I'm hungry...
Sam & Merry: Okay!
*20 min. later*
Bacon: * sizzle*
Sam: yum!
Pip: wait...this doesn't make sence...how did we make a fire?
Merry: we didn't Pip, see that guy over there wavin' at ya? He made the fire...
Pip: well...that explain's a lot...
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