What if frodo tunes into an episode of RAW? - what i have found out happened when Frodo watched RAW.

If Frodo became a wwe fan...first,I find out what would happen ifFfrodo tuned into raw...

First, Frodo headbangs at the theme song. Then when he sees the divas wrestle,we see Frodo panting so hard that Sam has to dunk his head into water. Then he sees Kane's entrance. He screams "Sauron!" and runs from the room for 5 minutes.

He then starts to wonder if his tag team title is an enlarged version of the ring. Third,he sees Goldust and begins yelling "Go ask rose for a dance Sam!!!!!!!"

Then, Frodo sees HBK. He immediately decides that he doesn't like him, as he's a show-off. Then, Frodo sees Edge and Lita come out. He immediately decides that they are some sort of servant of Sauron.

Lastly, Frodo makes up a list of who he likes-doesn't like:
Like:Big Show, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Goldust,The Divas except Lita, RVD.

Doesnt like: Kane, Carlito, Chris Masters, Edge, Lita, Matt Striker, Triple H, HBK. Not Sure:Chavo,Shelton Benjamin,Ric Flair.
Next time, I will find out what happened when Frodo watched Smackdown!-and who liked and who he didnt like.

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