What happened if a car landed in Middle Earth? - What would the characters say?

What the characters of Lord of the Rings would say if they saw a car.

Aragorn: "Some evil is at work here."

Boromir: "What is this new devilry?"

Sam: "It's the ring, isn't it?"

Frodo: "Bilbo found it, in Gollum's cave."

Elrond: "This evil cannot be concealed by the power of the Elves."

Pippin: "What is going on?"

Gimli: Aragorn, we should turn back."

Legolas: "Gandalf!"

Haldir: "Long ago, we fought, and died together."

Arwen: "There is still hope."

Eowyn: "I fear neither death nor pain."

Eomer: Every where his spies slip past our nets."

Faramir: " My men tell me you are an orc spy."

Theoden: "Let them come."

Treebeard: Little orc, burarum."

Ringwraith: "Shire. Baggins."

Gollum: My precious!"

Grima: You are banished forthwith from the kingdom."

Galadriel: "You bring great evil here."

Celeborn: Tell me where is Gandalf?"

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