WETA to retire items from the LOTR Production... - "We have set up this convalescent home for our collectibles that are no longer being manufactured"

Folks Weta let us know that a whole bunch of items are being retired from production to preserve their collectability

You can see the full list here.

So if you want any of them now is the time to order before they end up on E-bay at 3 times the price---Fatty, WaroftheRing


RETIRED - A retired product is one that is no longer being manufactured by Sideshow. The edition size is considered closed and is now limited to the remaining in stock items in our warehouses. These items are highly sought after, and as soon as the last piece is sold, the status of this item officially changes to 'Sold Out.'

SOLD OUT - A 'Sold Out' item will not be manufactured any longer and no further pieces exist in Sideshow's inventory. In some cases, 'Sold out' items from Sideshow can be found through third-party retailers. We do not keep a list of these retailers, nor do we know their current inventory. Do not email our customer service asking for such information.

"Welcome to the Sideshow Collectibles Retirement Community. We have set up this convalescent home for our collectibles that are no longer being manufactured. In this area, you will find collectibles that have a limited stock available and items that are complete sold out, never to grace the pages of our online store again. Along with a description and image of the collectible, you will find information on release and retire dates, original SRP, limited edition size (if applicable), sculptor information and much more. When possible, we post box designs as well. New residents are constantly arriving, so check this page often for the latest products to reach retirement age."

Click here to view the Retired Products

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