Weta FX Updates Website - FX comany's website sports a new look.

Weta has updated their website and it has a lot of new stuff on it. I'm just now trying to get through it all.

Here are a couple of highlights.

Collectible Toys: This section has a lot of great information about the collectible line coming from WETA. There are a lot of pretty pictures and some great information about the process of creating these collectibles.

Lord of the Rings Project Page: Here is the page describing the work WETA did on Lord of the Rings. Includes some great pictures including a picture that will give you an idea on how big oliphant will be in the movie. Wow!!! That thing is definitly as big as a house.

King Kong This sculpture was one of a large number of 3D designs that was created for an abandoned remake of King Kong. And thank God they abandoned it, becuase if they had not, we would not have Lord of the Rings.

Weta Digital: A Nice Flash designed site which has information about the company which is doing all the computer graphics for Lord of the Rings.

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