Want to Help the Asian Tsunami Victims? Please Donate to Unicef

The The members and staff of Tolkien Online send prayers out to all the victims of the Tsunami in Asia. While there are numerous ways to help, much aid is needed particularly for the children affected by this tragedy. Children have been orphaned or seperated from their families. They're the first to succumb to poor condtions or inadequate food and water suppplies. Children are also being targetted by many criminals, kidnapped and sold for horrific purposes. We know that the members of TORC like to help where and when they can.

If you would like to help send aid and comfort to the children of Asia and indeed needy children everywhere, please visit http://unicef.org and click on the Support UNICEF link. You'll be asked for your country and taken to a page with options for making your donation. If you have a PayPal account you can also visit http://donations.paypal.com/ where you can make a PayPal donation directly to UNICEF. We urge everyone who would like to help to make use of these links and do what you can for our brothers and sisters in need.

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