Top 10 ways to freak out non-Tolkien fans. - Here she comes...what you all want...

10. When you see someone tossing rocks in a lake, grab their arm and hiss "Do not disturb the water!"
9. When salesmen knock at your door, fling it open and scream "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!"
8. When someone goes spelunking, warn them not to knock pebbles down holes.
7. Whenever you see a black horse you scream and fall down clutching your shoulder.
6. At a party, stand for a while looking down into a bowl of punch, then gasp and fall backward like you saw the Eye.
5. Whenever someone yells "There's a spider in here!" you run into your room and come back with a flashlight in one hand and a replica Sting in the other.
4. Whenever your mother shaves her legs, spread glue over your feet, sprinkle the hair on, then go out in public with bare feet.
3. When people knock at your door, open it and say "Mae govannen, mellon nin. Elen sila lumenn omentielvo."
2. When you see someone looking in a fishtank, walk up and hiss over their shoulder, "Is it tasty? Is it crunchable?" Then do a few 'gollums' in your throat.
1. When you go camping, walk out into the woods at night and play a recorded Nazgul scream really loud, over and over and over...
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