Though I Lie in Darkness Buried Deep... - I will not say the Day is done, nor bid the Stars farewell

The Tolkien Online staff offers its condolences to the victims of this horrific tragedy along with its wishes that we will endure this day with sanity, courage and hope.

Here are places to go to get news on unfolding events:


New York Times

If you'd like to help with the situation in New York and D.C, consider donating blood.

Although there is no air traffic to transport blood today, it is still critical to build the current supply around the country. Many blood banks are forwarding excess blood inventory to help NY/DC. This blood will need to be replenished, not only to continue helping NY/DC, but also to handle their typical ongoing needs locally.

The blood banks will probably be jammed today, so calling first to set an appointment is an option. In 2-3 days, it will be just as important to donate and will probably be easier to get into the blood bank donation facilities.

Below are the national phone numbers for two largest providers of blood. They are America's Blood Centers (a national network of independent blood banks providing about half of the U.S. blood supply), and the American Red Cross (which provides the other half of the blood supply, roughly). There is also a small percentage of blood collected directly by hospitals.

America's Blood Centers: (888) 256-6388 (888-BLOOD-88)

American Red Cross (800) 448-3543 (800-GIVE LIFE)

Also, if you would like, please submit your thoughts and prayers below.

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