The White Council Awards! - 2003 Message board awards, category selection now in progress

This will be the third year that CrispyCreme has hosted and run the White Council Awards.  A great way to recognize the people and threads we love or love to debate; to honor the people who make TolkienOnline's board what it is.

Stop by the threads in <a href="">Talk</a>, the one in <a href="">Manwe</a>, and <a href="">Books</a> to help pick categories.  These threads will continue to be used throughout the next few weeks as the homes of the WCA in progress.

For those unfamiliar w/ the process Crispy starts by taking suggestions for categories.  Best nickname, most spectacular signature, best loved thread all might be included.  After that, you, the member can nominate those people or threads you think are most fitting in each category.  When the nominations are complete and the finalists announced, voting commences!  Over four thousand ballots were emailed to the Crispy last year.  The event culminates in a starstudded, glittering roleplay awards ceremony in our own Pony forum.  Brush up on your skills, everyone's invited and there's always plenty of gossip and more than a little scandal.

CrispyCreme has an expanded devoted staff to help him in this enormous undertaking.  We hope that this year we'll see greater partcipation than ever, encompassing more forums, more members, more of everything.  Check out the threads, vote for your favorites!  The White Council Awards; TORC's very own spectacle of spectacles!

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