The Return of the King Fake Script - A script by a fan

The Return of the King fake script-

Open to blackness. There slowly comes a faint metallic sound, growing louder and more distinct: Marching armies.
A point of light growing nearer and brighter until the screen is filled with marching soldiers, orcs, beasts, machines, goblins, cave trolls, wargs, Easterlings, the remaining Uruk-Hai.
A voice cuts in, it is Saruman's:

"The armies of Mordor grow stronger still. The victory of Helm's Deep is but a single wave upon the dark shore. The white city dims as Osgiliath falls to the Dark Lord."

Shot of ruined Osgiliath, circled by thousands of orcs, a thin line of Gondorian soldiers fall back towards the white city. Winged Nazgul race overhead.

"The last retreat begins, my Lord Sauron."

The great eye burns through the shot of Osgiliath as the view suddenly grows dim. We are seeing the destruction of the West through the Palantir.

Shot of Orthanc interior. Saruman bent over the seeing stone as Wormtongue returns from the window.

"We must leave my lord. It is folly to stay any longer. I implore you. We have been defeated."
Wormtongue begins clawing at Saruman's robe as a huge stone comes crashing into the side of Orthanc.

"Silence Worm!" Saruman throws Grima to the floor: "Long have I listened to your witless tongue. You would retreat for those brigands? I grow impatient with your weakness." Closeup of Saruman's face. "The stronghold of Saruman may be weakened but his voice remains ever strong."

Frodo and Sam and Gollum at the Cross Roads
( To be written out)

Cut to the after math of Helms Deep
Panning shot of wounded men, getting to their loved ones. They meet in the ruins of Helms Deep as Theoden Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Eomer, and Gamling meet inside the hall of Helms Deep where a broken door still shatters.

Camera pans left over to Gimli and stops, while hi is tapping his axe in his hands while legolas passes. " Fourty two master elf."

Legolas says, "Why, you have out scored me by one." Them Gimli chuckles a hoarse laugh.

Gandalf says, " Theoden King!" Theoden turns his head from its lowered position in his chair. "I strongly encourage great haste from this place!"

Theoden says, " The dark night has passed and day has come again." He gazes at wooden floor and then up to Gandalf, "Once More you come in the hour of need. Thank you my friend."

Aragorn says comeing through the door, " Our men are injured, we have plenty of horses to ride out with. But recovering will be a very different task."

Theoden, " The Uruk Hais?"

Aragorn, " They have fled into the forests." Theoden looks turns to fear, " They return to Isengard."

Gandalf, "Oh, I assure you they did not make it."

Theoden get up and his kingly fashion is now seen on full on walking towards the causway, He stand looking out upon the vast plane. The wind caries his dirtied hair, as Gandalf and Aragorn come through the door to stand with Theoden out on the causeway " Gather all the men you can, we will need them later." He turns and pronounces, "We ride to Meduseld!"

They gather horses and men, and the shot ends with a fade out of the hoarsmen and the Helms Deep Company riding over grass lands. As they left, we see many orcs piled in great heaps where the battle of the Wolves of Isengard took place. The shot ends on a slain orc head next to its gutted wolf beast( Warg )

cut to the spoiled Isengard

Opening shot of wide running water. Then a new arial shot of Isengard with billows of smoke coming out, but the shot continues on through the arches of the walls of Isengard. Then it shows a shot of Merry lying unmoving in the water, then wakes up after blacking out when he fell off of treebeards shoulder with a scream. The water all around very scattered is the bodies of many dead orcs.

Pippin says, " Merry, its Me , Pippin. You took a nasty fall there!"

Merry, " I thought for sure that I was taken under." Merry Looks up at Orthanc, and this shot is very high and grand. " Have you got him yet?"

"Hoom, Hroom," says Treebeard, " it takes more than bait to get a rat out of its hole. Sarumans tower is as stronger than anything I have ever seen before."

Treebeard comes to the side and says, " OH, but leave this to the power of the Ents !Come Master Meriadoc! I have found a nice cozy place for you two."
Interior shot of Isengard hut. Closeup of Pippin:

"Pippin! Pippin I don't believe it," he holds up two large brown sacks, "Old Toby!"

Shot of Merry turning with a huge smile: "And enough food to last an army of Tooks a good Shire year!"

Treebead says, "You two stay here and guard the area, while I go talk with the rest of the Ents."

Treebeard leaves humming a tune.

"Well, Old Saruman must have been hoarding this for something alright! No wonder the Shire has been so dry!"

Cut to a fast moving aerial zooming shot of Edoras, as the camera passes over many hoarsmen of Edoras.
They pass through the gates of Edoras, then cut to inside the Golden Hall

Voice over of Gandalf. " Saruman is weak. His spell no longer holds sway in your lands, Theoden King.", they are in the hall of Maduseld, "The Tower of Orthanc is broken and your victory at Helms Deep has foiled his plans. My Lord, we must go now to Isengard while it is still in ruin."

Theoden says, "Why should we go to a fallen ruler when we know that his power can only bring us death and destruction. I have tasted his poison through battle and words." Gandalf gets a lok of despair as Theodens anger becomes ever more evident. " Long have I listened to the whisperings of Wormtongue, and to long has the enemys from Isengard been marching in our lands. I don't want to bring further conflicts into my kingdom!"

Gandalf says, "We must go there now my lord while he still believes we are fooled by his craft. His Fortress is conquered by some very old friends, some of which made sure the Uruks did not live to see Isengard again!"

Theoden says, "Our victory came in such a late hour, where as death was inevitable. But Fate has come this morning," He turns to Gandalf during the council. "To Isengard!"

cut back to the Orthanc room

Merry pops his head out the door and gazes about when he hears a slight gurgling noise comeing from outside, " Pippin? Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" he says with his mouth full.

Merry puts down his pipe, and brandishes his sword, ready for anything. He walks through the water and dead orcs are floating by. A bubble arises from the deep dark blue of a hole in the ground, large billows of smoke boil out in many spot. He checks his footing for its getting deep. The bubbles seem to increase. A hand reaches for Merry, and Pippin startles him. He lets out a scream and falls into the water. He opens his eyes and sees a burnt orc drifting along past him. He lets out a scream, and Pippin brings him out of the water. " Ahh-"

Pippin places a hand over his mouth, " Shhhhh." and gestures up. Four crows of Isengard circle above, and a dark shape snakes away from the balcony. Merry says, " Next time Ill try to be more careful Pip." Then he hits his arm saying, " But don't startle me like `that!"

He gets up, and looks around, " My sword? Wheres my Sword!" They look to the side and see the sword pierced into the body of an orc. They retrieve it.

Cut back into the store room, where Merry is almost dried

A huge green face appears at the open doorway, it is Treebeard:
"Ho Hrrm Ho, Young Hobbits. You have some friends here. The white wizard and some tall fine looking folk."

The two hobbit look at each other and drop their sacks, together:

Exterior shot of Isengard. Ents patrol Orthanc as a large group of riders enter the circle. Passing shots of Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Theoden, Eomer and a light Rohan cavalry unit. They draw up outside the tower.

Closeup of Gandalf:
"Saruman! Show yourself to the Captains of the West. Show yourself to your old friend The Grey!"

Wormtongue appears at the balcony and snarls at the gathering. He rushes inside.

Shot of Theoden looking very annoyed: "I should have speared that worm when I had the chance."

Saruman appears at the window, His voice smooth but hatful. At the sound of his voice, they quake and grasp at the reality of the earth, away from a dark dream, but Gandalf stands unhindered by this spell

"So, the brigands of the hill come to Isengard. What news from the wars Gandalf Stromcrow?"

"You know well enough Saruman. It is over! You no longer hold sway with your mischievous words. Your will shall be done, no more! Your power is fading from this Middle Earth Saruman, and your lies only cloud your mind."
Saruman: "Why, Gandalf the Grey, you mustn't be so blind." His words are becoming less suave and are faltering in its spell. " I still hold the key, and control the slaves within my grasp. Make no mistake, Gandalf. The power of Orthanc is ever strong. I will never fall."

Shot of Wormtongue inching towards the door.

Saruman's voice seems to grow in depth and resonance: "I see you bring the king of the peasant land. Theoden! You trust the rabble of an old Greybeard with his plots and devices? Come Theoden. Long have I been your proper counsel. Long have I protected the Mark from plotters and usurpers."

Shot of Theoden, grappling with an unseen pain. His eyes growing older and he begins to slouch. Gandalf, seeing the distress raises his staff and his voice too grows in immensity:

"Saruman the despised! Your words have no power here. You are old and weak. Your power is ever undone by your failures. I cast you out of the order!"

Sarumans voice unravels to an incredibly harshened tone

"How dare you, you old Grey fool."

Gandalf then uncloaks himself and his light shines through the dark mist of Saruman, and he is overcome with fear. Saruman is rightly terrified, and his eyes flicker. The shock of this to him is unbearable.

Gandalf: " I am Gandalf the White, Saruman, and no longer the Grey fool! With my power, I release you from your ORDER!"

With desperate words Saruman cries:

Saruman: "Wormtonge, finish them off!"

Wormtongue stands at the door not moving. Saruman extends his hand and draws him to his grasp.

Saruman: " Do it now, you SLIME! Worm of the earth! DO AS I SAY."

Gandalf starts to speak, and Saruman turns his head down quickly and scared

Gandalf: " You don't have to listen to him Grima-"

Saruman then throws him of to the side

Gandalf: "- No longer do you have to be his slave"

Saruman recoils his Black Staff, getting it ready to strike.

Saruman: " ARRGH!!!!"

Gandalf puts his hand up and a burst of power from Gandalf brings Saruman to his knees.

Saruman, looks down at himself, and cries

Saruman: " Help me!"

Wormtongue only looks at him in disbelief.


Saruman growls at Wonrtongue and stands back against the balcany. Wormtongue crawls inside

Gandalf: " He cannot control you, and he cannot control ME!"

Saruman: " YOU FOOLS! I am Saruman the White. I am the Lord of Orthanc. Sauron will fall. I will be The Lord of the Rings, and Middle Earth will be Mine!

Saruman raises his hands and in them Both, is the Palantir!

Shot of Wormtongue with a knife advancing on Saruman. Saruman raises his arms in a final gesture of defiance but wormtongue springs from behind him and the two grapple on the edge of the balcony. The Palantir still in Saruman's hand as Wortongue slashes the wizard's throat. He topples over the edge and onto a huge turning wheel, the spike thrusting up.
Close shot of the face of Saruman is absolute terror, the Palantir drops from his hand with the final breath.

Before Gandalf can gather the stone Legolas steps forwards and takes a high shot at Wormtongue. The arrow whistles past the balcony, past the spiked crown of Orthanc and keeps going.

Shot of Wormtongue laughing:
"Fools! You cannot breach this tower with elf bows or white sorcery!"

Shot from above Orthanc, travelling fast down into the back of wormtongue's head.
Shot of Wormtongue falling down into the bowels of Isengard.
" A fine shot master Elf. A better bow in Mirkwood there cannot be!"

Wide shot of Orthanc before fading into black

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