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The Official Tolkien Online Hotbar Skin Contest is getting ready to launch... Starting April 1, the contest will last for one full month--get a preview of the contest at this page.

Here's what we'll be giving away to the highest rated skins:
Grand Prize: Kodak DC215 Digital Camera ($350) and Lord of the Rings Millenium Edition ($60.00)
Four Weekly Prizes of: Wireless Wacom Tablet ($100) and One Volume Edition of The Lord of the Rings ($20)

You'll be able to upload your own Skins (an 800x135 bitmap) and then see them in the Skin Center! Then, vote on your favorite skins... You create the content, you pick the winners! For more information and instructions click here to read the rules.

You can go to the Art Gallery and choose an image to modify or simply make your own. An eligible Skin must be 800 pixels wide by 135 pixels high and no more than 256 colors (8 bit indexed).

Ask any questions you may have in the Skins Thread of the Messageboard.

All uploading and inputing of information regarding your skin is automatic from the Contest page.

Only registered members will be able to upload their skins, so register now!. We'll also be adding similar capabilities for the Art Gallery soon too!

Currently, Hotbar Skins are only available on Internet Explorer--it installs an Active X plugin, so just go ahead and click "Ok" when you're prompted to install it! Fret not Netscape Users...Hotbar is hard at work on building the Netscape version.

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