THE MUSICAL COUNCIL OF ELROND - From the Lord of the Rings stage spectacular!

"The Council of Elrond" Parody by Steven Cavanagh
To: "I Just Can't Wait To Be King (from: Lion King)" Originally by Elton John

Lord Sauron made a mighty ring
and here it is- beware!

It may appear quite harmless,
but it's evil and a snare.

We've been betrayed by Saruman!
The nine are all abroad!
They rode right up, their horses drowned
Right down there at the ford.

And so the question to you all we bring:

Tell me, who can take the One Ring?

No, we can't destroy this.
No, it cannot stay here.
No Gimli, we tried that.
Now you've got a singed beard!

It can only go one way
Back into Mount Doom to stay!

But Sauron's weapon is a gift
We'll use it for ourselves!

The evil would enslave your mind.
You'd do as it compels!

Hey, Gondor stands against the tide.
Alone, we keep it out!
Out of places such as Rivendell,
So shut your ranger mouth!

You owe him your allegiance- he's your king!

Tell me, who will take the One Ring?

Elves are gonna hook left
Dwarves are gonna jab right
Suddenly my council
Turns into a bar fight!

But tiny furry feet our hope can bring!
He doesn't know the way or anything,
But still he's gonna stand up here and sing..

Elrond, I will take the One Ring!
Sayin', I will take the One Ring!
That's right, I will taaaaaaake... the One Ring!

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