The Lord of the Socks: The Fellowship of the Sock - Isengard Gets Spoiled [Insert Whiny Music Here]

Hey, would you quit inserting all this stupid music in here? Pfft.

Sorry for the shortness...I'm using the original scene separations from the LotR films, and...well...pfft.

(Saruman is using the palantír, in the 'throne room' type thing in Orthanc)

Saruman: The Power of Isengard is at your command,Sockron, Lord of the Earth...

Sockron: ...Build me an army worthy of the way...what has four wheels and flies?

Saruman: I know not, Master Sockron.

Sockron: A garbage truck! Hahahahaha!

minion: What orders from Sockdrawer, my Lord? What does the Eye command?

Saruman: We have work to do...

(Outside in Isengard, the same tree falls down over and over and over from different angles. Gandalf awakens on top of Orthanc, it starts to hail)

Sorc minion: The trees are strong my lord. Their roots go deep...

Saruman: (poutily) Rip them all down! They're smirking at me!

(Gandalf huddles miserably against one ofthe Orthanc spires, as the camera looks down on the destruction of Isengard. He pulls a snow cone out of his pocket and begins eating it. A stray weed shows up and growls at him. Gandalf stuffs it into his pipe - which somehow survived all this - and smokes it to death.)

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