The Lord of the Socks: The Fellowship of the Sock - Being Chased By Wraiths Is Not Fun

(various shots of Off-White Riders and motorcycles in the woods)

Frodo: *sniff* Anything?

Merry: Nothing... WAIT! I think I see a candy bar!

Pippin: What is going on? (grabs the candy bar) Ooh, yummy!

Merry: That creepy Off-White Rider was looking for something... or someone... Frodo?

Pippin: (with mouth full) Get down!

(Off-White Rider appears silhouetted against the light)

Frodo: *sniffle* I gotta leave the Shire... I knew I should've stayed home today... I think we have to go to some place in Bree... Hey, do any of you guys have a pencil??

Merry: No pencils, but we can take Bucklebury Ferry--follow me! (they run off in the general direction of the Ferry)

(the Off-White Rider shows up in front of Sam and Frodo)

Merry: This way! Follow me!

Pippin: Get the ropes, Sam.

Sam: Frodo! Skip Frodo! Frodo!


(Frodo leaps onto the raft, landing in a heapon top of Sam and Pippin, who nearly fall in the water. The Off-White Rider and his motorcycle scream to a halt at the end of the little dock, then turn and go back up to join two other Riders. All three of them zoom off to the North)

Frodo: How far to the nearest crossing?

Merry: Brandywine Bridge... 2,007.9 miles.

Frodo: Oh, darn.

Pippin: Hey guys, I'm hungry...

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