The Little Hobbit That Could - I know,It's a little childish to be written by a 15 year old, but its humor.

There once was a little hobbit.
He traveled through a big scary dark place called Mordor.
He was all alone, except for his friend, and his evil servant.
Now Frodo had to carry a very bad ring with him into Mordor.
That ring would turn him evil if he put it on.
And Frodo had to take that ring into Mordor and up a big mountain.
When he got to that mountain, his friend and the servant followed right behind.
It was a hard climb up the mountain.
"I think i can.....I think I can." said little Frodo.
"No you cant, you cant do it." said the little servant.
"Yes you can. Frodo." said his friend.
So up they climbed, and up and up.
Until, they finally reached the mountain top.
Frodo went inside, and after a scary battle with the evil servant, the ring was destroyed.
Frodo went back to his home, and he was known as The Little Hobbit That Did
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