The 4th Age of The One Ring Begins - Version 4.0 Launches

We started planning in October. We got your ideas back in November. We started programming in December.

Version 4.0 clocks in with:

50,000+ lines of custom written code.
17 MySQL databases.
Several thousand hours of coding by 3 programmers.

We think you'll all enjoy the cool new features we've built into The One Ring now... especially The Registry--a members area which will be expanding considerably in the next few weeks as we continually launch new features. Soon you'll be able to update The One Ring with your own news, your own images, and your own writings!

If the caffeine has gotten to us and we didn't get all the bugs out, PLEASE let us know at

We truly know and believe that there are many things we can do with this new technology we've created that have never been done on any websites before.

Stay tuned!

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