Ten uses for duct tape in Middle Earth - The wonderful fix all product and how it would have helped the Fellowship

10)Fix Aragorn's sword, why reforge the shards of Narsil when you can use duct tape.

9)Gandalf's staff broke when he fell, right? Great, you can fix that too!

8)Tape Sam's mouth shut, maybe he won't put his foot in it so often if he can't open his big mouth.

7)Tape the foodbags shut and maybe it will last longer, no food bag raiding by hungry hobbits.

6)Tape Frodo's finger back on, no more Frodo of the Nine fingers look.

5) Repair Gimli's battle ax, what's left of it anyways.

4)Forget the chain, hang the Ring on a string of duct tape, it'll never escape.

3)Cover the Palantir with duct tape, it'll discourage curious hobbits.

2)Wrap it around old Man Willow, it'll save Tom Bombadil a few trips in that direction.

1)Wrap the One Ring in the stuff, even if Sauron gets it he won't be able to use it

O.k, maybe this is a little stupid, but I normally do stories,
I just wanted to try my hand at one of these lists.

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