See Tolkien on the Web in 3D - Did you know there were this many sites before?

I learned recently about a new site called The site does what I had hoped someone would get around to doing eventually- map the World Wide Web into a graphical environment that you can quickly scan through. It starts off as a map of Antarctica, subdivided into areas such as Reference, Arts, Games, etc. You can then (rather quickly) drill down into more specific topics.

On a whim , I thought I'd see what it returned on Tolkien movie sites. After just a couple minutes (largely due to getting distracted down other threads by the sheer coolness of it), I found Arts/Movies/Series/Lord of the Rings, which produced this page:;col=22;
No more days of "5,234,900 sites found", with only a fraction being relevant. The "areas" seem to be drawn to scale by the number of sites within. An error occurred when I tried to switch to the 3D version from the 2D map, and I'm still figuring that part out. The search engine is obsolete!

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