Sculptures From Mike Makras (Updated 9-30-99) - Hand Made Clay Sculptures of Your Favorite characters

I'm cleaning out a backlog of e-mails and here is a wonderful page where you can pick up some very nice custom made Middle Earth Sculptures. Each piece of art-work is hand made. These things look wonderful, now if I could only round up a bunch of money and purchase them... that would be great! Check out his other sculptures at the link below.

UPDATE: We just got an email alerting us that the Makras store won't be able to sell their figurines currently. Here's what was said:

Thank you so much for the boost your collectable section gave our sales at the Makras store . Yet due to licensing problems that Mr. Makras has encountered with Tolkien Enterprises , we are forced to temporarily close down our site , and Mr. Makras is unable to create any more of his MiddleEarth series of figures . I've been told that this problem should be resolved soon and at that time we will reopen the Makras store.BR>
Here's hoping that it's all straightened out soon so those awesome sculptures will be available to all of us again soon!
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