Sam Gamgee Arrives in Middle-earth by Train - News from The Lake Town & Shire Railroad

Engine No. 4, Gandalf, pulls a coach past the future site of the Mines of Moria before entering Tunnel #2. reports that a small group of Tolkien enthusiasts have combined their interests in Tolkien and trains to create their own model railroads set in Middle-earth.

A railroad in Middle-earth?

Here is what Donald and Jane Nute have to say about building the 1:20.3 scale narrow gauge railroad in their garden in Athens, Georgia.

If you've read J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy classics The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you know that travel in Middle Earth could be both dangerous and difficult. Since Sauron the Necromancer and the goblins and orcs he commanded were destroyed, travel is much less dangerous. And since the Middle-earthers began importing discarded steam locomotives from our world by magical means, travel has also become less difficult. One of the many railroads that have sprung up is the Lake Town & Shire connecting Hobbiton in the Shire with the human community on Long Lake.

According to, the latest news is that Donald Nute has found a sculptor to create a Sam Gamgee statue for the project. Hop on board and find out all the details by clicking on the link below.

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