Plan Your Own Local Tolkien or Lord of the Rings Event - provides tools for Tolkien Fans to plan local Events

Have you ever wondered if there were other people in your local area who shared your passion for J.R.R. Tolkien or the Lord of the Rings?  Have you ever wanted to get together with some local Tolkien fans, but you didn't know them?  Well, we have a site for you, and  Head on over to both links and sign up to see if there is any other Tolkien or Lord of the Rings fans in your local area. If there are none in your local area, you should still sign up.  Soon others will join in!

Jonathan and I have signed up for a local event here in Southern California.  If you sign up for an event in your local area, head on over to our messageboard and leave fellow Tolkien Online fans a note as well.


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