Pirate Radio Middle-Earth Style! - BBC Version of the Hobbit and LOTR Broadcast Over the Internet

I recieved an e-mail from one of our contacts, below is a copy of it.

It seems that someone is broadcasting the BBC production of these wonderful stories. To listen to this broadcast you will need a copy of WinAmp. To get this goto www.WinAmp.com

Install the program and open the URL listed below.

Right now I'm listening to Bilbo taking on the spiders of Mirkwood.

Someone is broadcasting the entire Hobbit and LotR (17 hours worth) over the internet, probably because the popularity is going to jump way up again due to the movies. The bitrate is suitable for a 28.8 connection, sounds fine.

You can find the broadcast under the "Talk" or "Various" genres at shoutcast.com (or live365.com), or point Winamp or Sonique to

The broadcast seems to be up during the weekdays like 7AM to 7PM. Great stuff for listening at work!

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