No More Of The Rings-Part Two - We jump to some time in the future of Semi-Middle Earth

A quaint little hobbit is sitting by the tree, reading his book, his name if Froshmo Saggins of the Spire. As he reads, he hears a song in the distance. Recognizing the voice, he runs to the sound.

We see a tall, wrinkly man riding a cart driven by a horse. He stops and turns to Froshmo, rigid and angry looking. "You're late." Froshmo says, "So what if i'm late, you want to make something of it." retorts Ganspoof the Grey.

Froshmo then jumps Ganspoof and hugs him, saying "It's wonderful to see you Ganspoof." "Alright, ALRIGHT, get off me, before I turn you into a frog." With that, they rode off, or tottered off, for that matter. "Ahh, a long expected party, I'll have to crack out the good wine tonight." Ganspoof muttered.

"Hey, Ganspoof, whats so important about my Uncle Pimplo's party tonight. Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me."

With that, Ganspoof, simply replied by roundhousing a nice big hand to the back of Froshmo's head and shortly replied,"Shut-up and you'll find out tonight."


With that ends part two of No More Of The Rings

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