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It's Lard of the Rings
CBBC Newsground - January 23, 2003

No, it's not the ultimate punishment from Gandalf.
Saruman the White (or should that be The Milky Yellow?) has been carved out of lard!

Chef Gary Schofield spent three days carving the 60cm high statue as part of his entry in the Culinary World Cup, held in Luxembourg.

Known as the cook's Olympics, chefs from around the world compete in dozens of different events.
Gary's Saruman centre piece earned him the bronze medal, while the Welsh National team and the American Army's
culinary corps took the silver and gold respectively.

Fat's the way I like it

It's not the first time Gary's fat has been on display. Last year, he carved a lard Harry Potter for another competition.
Gary, who works in Manchester Airport, is already planning a new masterpiece in time for the next international championships this summer.


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