New Minatures from Mithril - A New Line of Collectible Minatures from Mithril

The following is slightly edited from the Mithril site.

"Mithril is now taking orders for their new Lord of the Rings ongoing collectable figure series featuring all the major and some of the minor characters from Tolkien's classic trilogy. The first two series, scheduled to be released will be The Five Istari and the Early Ringbearers.

"This is not just a new release in the Mithril range but a brand new series focusing in depth on the characters and creatures of The Lord of the Rings. These new figurines contain the subtlety of detail and design for which Mithril is well known. The collection will build to form the definitive series of Middle-earth figurines.

"Each miniature kit will be produced in a strictly limited run of 2500 pieces. Each figure will have a relevant certificate of authenticity. We anticipate a very high demand for the lower serial numbers so orders will be served on a 'first come first served' basis..."
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