Movie site madness - There's a whole world of Tolkien movie sites on the 'net.

Today, I read an article in my news paper about the "world of tolkien sites on the net". Amoung the sites mentioned were this site,,, and the official site, Our very own Jonathan Watson was mention in this part of the article.

"Jonathan Watson, principal developer of Tolkien Online, the One Ring site, said the Web just provides a new forum for a longstanding fan obsession.

"Tolkien's always been sort of a grass-roots thing," he said. "Even in the '60s, it sort of exploded because of word of mouth. There are a lot of people that it has touched somehow."

Watson, of Arcadia, Calif., said only "Star Wars" rivals Tolkien for fan interest, and of course the Tolkien movies are getting ready to crest now. That means he works daily to keep it fresh and interesting.

"A Web site is almost like a biological creature; it's always changing, always growing." And it must be working. The site is logging 10,000 visitors a day."

You can read the whole article, and more, at the Messenger Inquirer webpage

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