Messageboard is Now Back Up! - There was much gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes...

There are two things in life that I hate. Black olives and troubleshooting computers. It's not that I can't troubleshoot computers, but I'd rather do anything else than waste my time on examining the nuts and bolts of software. Alas, that is precisely what Jon Cline and I have been doing the last couple of days.

Here's the short of it. On Monday, as we were testing some new technology we're going to be implementing shortly with this site, our web server (Microsoft IIS) decided that it didn't like it's new software neighbor and said, "This hard drive ain't big enough for the both of us... So no one's gonna use it!" We didn't like it's attitude... we formatted the hard drive, reinstalled all the software (replacing Microsoft IIS with Apache Web Server), and had the site up and running at about midnight--everything except for the messageboard.

We stayed up till 7am the following morning trying to get the messageboard working--no luck--essentially, Apache and the messageboard software don't work together. Yesterday we made calls to the software developers, and tried to get it up and running. Nothing worked...

Finally at about 6:30pm tonight, the messageboard is finally up and running. A server has been donated for temporary usage for the board while we work on getting the messageboard system perfectly streamlined.

Thanks for all your patience...

I'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest core member of The One RingTM - Tolkien Online--Jon Cline. A dedicated and reliable friend (and before now, occasional helper), Cline sat up with me from 4pm to 7am in our attempt to get the messageboard running; then, he spent the last day and a half working on the messageboard! We can't thank him enough for the time he's spent working on the site in the last day and a half, and with the three of us (me, Ted, and Cline) working together on The One RingTM - Tolkien Online, this site will evolve into one incredible Tolkien experience!

You can now email Cline at
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