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We received the following announcement from Sideshow Toy:

Dear Lord of the Rings Fans!

We are pleased to announce our special LOTR Collector's Club! In response to a significant number of requests, we are offering a special discount for those customers who are interested in collecting an entire Series of the Sideshow / Weta range of products.

The LOTR Collector's Club will entitle you to a 15% discount on orders for the entire Lord of the Rings product selection of busts, figures and helmets from Series 1 or an order for any other complete Series of items.

To qualify, all figures, busts and helmets for Series 1 or Series 2 must be included on the same order by checking the "special order" box on our web site shopping cart at http://www.sideshowtoy.com.

*Series 1 Item#LOTR-1 Reg. $915. $777.75
*Series 2 Item#LOTR-2 Reg. $950. $807.50


If you have already placed an order for some LOTR items (or an entire Series), and wish to now purchase a complete Series of product and receive the 15% discount, please email us at orders@sideshowtoy.com and give us the following information:

In the "Subject Line" of your email, type "LOTR Collectors Club request."

1. Specify that you have already ordered LOTR product.

2. Provide your name.

3. Provide your order confirmation number.

4. Specify that you want us to adjust your order to include all the products from Series 1 or 2 so that you can receive the 15% LOTR Collector Club discount.

Our Customer Service Dept. will then adjust your order and email you with a new sales order confirmation #.

If you have previously ordered a complete set of product at the full retail price, our customer service department will contact you via email with a new sales order confirmation number for your order inclusive of the 15% discount.

We are pleased to announce that new images showcasing Series 3 product will be posted prior to August 1.

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