Lord of the Rings Parody#2 - By Rachelle Wolfson alex wolfson's older sister)

Elrond tells the Fellowship before they leave:I have some news to tell you all.
*Sam and Frodo begin making faces at each other*
Gandalf:*whacks them on the head with his staff*Listen to Elliott!
Elrond:Gandalf,please dont call me that anymore...We're not datin-*clears throat*We are older and wiser now,we have no time for nicknames.Ringbearer,would you please step forward.
Gandalf mutters:HE gets a nickname,of course...
*Frodo steps forward*
Elrond:Frodo has lost the Ring.Would you all please help me find it.
Legolas:I can sense its evil...It is here,in this very room!
Aragorn:Cut the nonsense, Legolas.We all know Elves are liars and only say things like that to make people believe they are special.
Gandalf:It is still on Frodo's neck,Elrond.I-I am afraid,Legolas was right.
*all gasp*NO!
*Legolas grins,then says in a childish mocking voice*:HAHA,TOLDCHA SO!
*Merry faints*
*Aragorn screams like a girl*
*Arwen walks in with cupcakes*
Arwen:Honey,I brought the-
*Arwen looks at Legolas,sees Aragorn and blushes*
*Aragorn chokes Legolas*
Legolas:Honey-pie-cupcakes...I'm sorry!
Arwen:Leave beddybug alone!
Aragorn:Honeypiecupcakes?Beddybug?What the-You had me,Arwen!I was your butterfly!
*Aragorn jumps off the bridge they are standing on and falls to the shallow water below*
Gandalf:The Fellowship has been broken...There is only one thing to do...
*Gandalf kisses Arwen*
*Arwen breaks away,slaps Gandalf and hugs Legolas tightly*
Arwen:Beddybug!How's my little muffin?
Gandalf:How'd you like to join the Fellowship,Arwen?
Arwen:*is very irritated and convinced Gandalf is hitting on her for some strange reason...*Oh for Pete's sake Gandalf,-
Legolas:Who's Pete?Somebody I should know?Maybe your new wittle baby?
*Gandalf and Arwen both get ready to jump off of bridge*
*Arwen throws gold ring off of her finger into the water below*
*Gandalf and Arwen jump off of bridge*
Legolas:Yes!My precious and I...are all alone...Frodo doesnt know...I have the real ring...My darling little precious ring...
*Legolas begins frenching the one ring*
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