Lord of the Loo - Loo is british for toilet ( just so ya know).

3 t.p. rolls for the Senators under U.S. Law
7 for the short men in their caddy suits
9 for surfer dudes, doomed to beaches with
One loo for them all to use.
Standing in line, waiting.
The tall guy with long blonde hair
Checks up on his cheek tint.
A short man shakes
His head & chuckles.
A small dude in a straight jacket
Mutters to himself.
4 small guys laugh
And drink gallons of beer.
A tall loner smooches
A dark woman.
9 surfer dudes wait impatiently,
Pushing people out of the way.
One loo to use them,
One loo to find them,
One loo to bring them all,
One loo to use in desperate times on the beaches.
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