Legolas' To Do List - What is he doing today?

This was not written by the submitter. I do not know who did. When I do I will let you all know. Thank you to the Author for this very funny thing. It was received in an email. All proper credit to whom it is do. More To do lists coming soon.

Legolas' To Do List

1. Brush hair.

2. Wash hair.

3. Stop obsession with hair even if it is long and shiny and....

4. Polish bow.

5. Polish arrows.

6. Come up with decent excuse for arrows I get apparently from nowhere...

7. Prevent self from calling dwarf 'Dumbo Dwarf' even if it is in privacy of own head.

8. Stop feeling smug even if I can walk on snow and no one else can because I am an elf and so can have these cool abilities...

9. Resist urge to snigger, even if dwarf is wrong.

10. Stop being dwarfist.

11. Be nice to the dwarf......

12. At least be less scathing to the dwarf....

13. Ask Gimli to please refrain from writing on MY 'to do' list.

14. Put 'to do' list where Gimli cannot find it.

15. Practice archery...2 arrows at a time could be improved.....

16. Stop obsession with boats.

17. Point out evil flocks of birds rather than just looking at them....

18. Don't leap to Aragorn's defence. He is capable of sticking up for himself and he doesn't appreciate it.

19. Will not think about idea of saying, 'I told you so,' to Aragorn. Even if I did.

20. Save Boromir from falling down caverns in Moria even if it's becoming obvious he wants the ring.

21. Catch Gimli and stop him falling down cavern in Moria even if the stupid mine is the only thing he's talked about for the last three days.

22. Protect Frodo with bow. From cave trolls, Orcs, Sam....

Later additions during Two Towers....

1. Will teach Gimli to ride horse.

2. Will not threaten people I do not know just because they threaten Gimli who threatened them because they dissed Galadriel.

3. Will not shoot at old men until we are sure it is Saruman.

4. Will not make unnecessary comments about trees and their feelings as this promotes idea that I am schizophrenic.

Further Additions from Return Of The King

1. Resist urge to go to the sea in middle of Large Dangerous battle in which I could be killed.

2. Stop thinking about sea.

3. Stop singing about sea.

4. Stop thinking about boat I will build to get across sea.

5. Stop continuing obsession with sea and boats.

6. Go to Fangorn with Gimli.

7. Go to Glittering Caves with Gimli.

8. Go to party to celebrate end of dark realm and crowning of Aragorn.
(8pm Minas Tirith DO NOT BE LATE!)

9. Ask Aragorn to stop writing on my 'to do' list.

10. Go over sea to Grey Havens.

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