Joy to a TORC's Word - A Tolkien twist on "Joy to the World"

Joy to the world, dear Frodo lives!
He passed the test of doom!
He bearly made it, But Smeagol's part was fated!
Now all the free folk sing, now all the free folk sing!
Now all the free folk with vict'ry sing!

Joy to the world, our Estel's King!
Now Gondor is complete!
He'll now wed his Undomiel, A Elbereth Gilthoniel!
All hail the new-found king, all hail the new-found king!
Oh hear-ye all hail the new found king!

Joy to the world, the shire's free!
The hobbits, they arose!
They booted out Bill Ferney, and opened Michael Delving1
Oh let us go and eat, oh let us go and eat!
Oh now let us meet, then go and eat!

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