Jimcalagon: Spastic Effects In The Lord of the Rings - John Horde's Latest Scoop!

Many of our readers have long been rolling on the floor laughing at the hysterical writing of Jimcalagon, whose website contains satirical Lord of the Ring film "news articles" and "interviews" submitted by such characters as reporter John Horde, renowned Tolkien scholar Martin Morales, and superspy Winja Celeborn.

Tolkien Online has decided that our regular Messageboard visitors shouldn't keep all the fun to themselves, and so we will now start carrying announcements of Jimcalagon's latest "news flashes" on our front page.

In our first Jimcalagon announcement, John Horde has posted in-depth examination of the film's special effects process. John shows us how the movie magic is acheived, illustrated with some very impressive pictures of the "Helm's Deep" model and how it looks in the finished shot from the movie.

Here is a brief excerpt:

"Hello, John Horde here with an exclusive first look at the special effects behind the stunning architecture in The Lord Of The Rings.

"Teams of artists have been employed to build highly detailed and ultra-realistic models of the various cities and castles exactly as described by Tolkien in his original book. In this exclusive shot, we can see the finished model of the Hornburg, the castle at the Battle of Helm's Deep."

"The incredibly detailed Hornburg Model."
John Horde

Click on the link below to read the entire article.

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