Jimcalagon: Exclusive Image of GANDALF BATTLING THE BALROG - Warning: Not for the faint-hearted!

Jimcalagon alerted us to an incredible new exclusive image of the Balrog on his site.

No other site has brought you a picture of the Balrog. Thanks to the prowess of my on-set spy, Winja Celeborn, I was lucky enough to scoop everyone with this picture - Balrog. Now, another spy has contacted me to bring an even better shot of the terrifying manifestation of malevolent might, this time in combat with Gandalf. I am truly indebted to Rachel W for this fantastic image, no doubt smuggled out from the studios, despite Peter Jackson's extreme security screen. As before I have linked to the Balrog image from this page to avoid accidental exposure of people of a fragile disposition to this frightening picture.

Take a deep breath and click on the link below.

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