J R R Tolkien's Grandson: 'Cut off from literary inheritance' - Speaking Out ~

J R R Tolkien's grandson 'cut off from literary inheritance'
By Chris Hastings, Media Correspondent
(from: telegraph.co.uk)

The grandson of J R R Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings books, has spoken for the first time of the family feud that has seen him excluded from managing the writer's literary estate.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph today, Simon Tolkien speaks about the five-year dispute and how his father, Christopher, has turned his back on him and his children. He also discloses how a minor disagreement over the Hollywood adaptations of the books contributed to his exclusion from the board of the family firm.

He said: "My father is very angry with me - angry to the point that he never wishes to have anything to do with me again. He will never see my children. And I grew up thinking this was such a wonderful person." The rift followed a disagreement over how the family should deal with the adaptations of the book - the first two installments of which have broken box office records.


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