In Complete Contrast to that Review in the NY Times! - A fabulous review about The Return of the King and the lessons contained an Aussie! No sexism here!

Kangaroo with Joey in PouchKangaroo with Joey in Pouch

You may have read my scathing reprt on one of the most ridiculous pieces of journalism to come out of the NY Times this past week. The article was entitled; "Are Women Just Bored of the Rings?" by one Caryn James. I have yet to meet one female fan who has not been highly insulted by her vapid report.

In stark contrast, I am pleased to refer you to an excellent article in the Sydney Morning Herald (ROTK just opened in Australia) that covers many of the former reviewer's points about the film, but in a more honest manner. I felt like cheering when I read this!

The Return of the King!

Tsk! Tsk! Caryn James...and to think that it was an Aussie Bloke who wrote this.

Good on ya mate!

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!


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