Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News Announces Decision to "Retire" - Reduced payments from UGO cited as reason for shutting down

A valued member of the Tolkien Internet Community, Aram of Imaladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News, has announced the sad news that financial cutbacks has forced him to shut down his website.

Update 11:40 EST I can see how a lot of you were confused by this news article. Many seem to think that I'm planning on simply covering less Lord of the Rings related news, while supplementing it with more news from other areas. This isn't the case. This is for the most part a totally different project - the site will look significantly different. It's not nearly as ambitious or grand as Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News.... It's just my attempt to keep some kind of site going. Imladris in its current form is no more. The site is not closing down, but in the next week it will be changing - drastically.

My business partner, UGO, informed me a few days ago that they would be cutting my payments down to 17% of what I was currently receiving. With out going into the details, this goes against the legally binding contract we both signed. Also, and more importantly, this pay cut wouldn't leave me with enough funds to keep Imladris going. After thinking the matter through, I realized there was no way to keep the site going without seriously degrading the quality of the site. So, I've decided to retire Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News. However, while this is an end, it is also a beginning....

If you've been coming to Imladris solely for coverage of the movies, I'll still be mentioning any major Lord of the Rings movie related news - just not as much or in as much detail as before. However, I'm planning to cover a variety of other topics that I personally find interesting - music, technological advances, and news concerning other series of books such as Jordan's Wheel of Time and Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. Also, I want to give others a chance to have there own "channel" here on Imladris. Is there a subject or piece of news you find interesting or think others would? I'm going to implement a system that lets individual users add their own news articles to Imladris, but more on that later....

If you've been coming to Imladris for interaction with others and the community, rest assured, in this respect I not only hope the site will remain the same, but it will improve. The comments system will still be here for the newsies (hopefully with Josephina to lead the way :-)) and the message boards will also be sticking around with several new forums added.

More info coming soon... I just wanted to let everyone know what the situation is.

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