If NBC did an LOTR show - What is a Subtitle?Sorry I just get all these big words mixed up.Lol.

Producer:Simon Cowell
Frodo-Johnny Depp
Sam-Adam Sandler
Merry-Mary-Kate Olsen
Pippin-Ashley Olsen
Arwen-Paris Hilton
Legolas-Jesse McCartney
Aragorn-Jay Leno
Gimli-Verne "Minnie Me" Troyer


Frodo:I weep over thy one ring.I look out my Secret Window, and wonder if the Pirates of the Carribean will save me.

Simon:Cut!Johnny ,Johnny ,Johnny.PLEASE say the right line. ok Take 10!

Frodo:I weep over the thought of thy one ring getting destroyed in Mordor.

Sam:Happy place happy place just like-oh are we rolling?


Samh.Frodo get ahold of yourself!

Merry:Ash ,do these jeans show my anorexia?

Pippinf course-um-not.

Simon:This is a TV show not the red carpet!I quit!!

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