Hobbits Visit the Steel City - A Stage Production of The Hobbit in Pittsburgh

Ezekiel let me know about this production of The Hobbit over in my old stomping grounds, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Point Park College in Pittsburgh will be producing "The Hobbit" for the stage, running from October 23 until December 12. I have not heard anything about this production, save the local independent paper's sole description-- "the musical tale of Bilbo Baggins." More could be learned by calling the "Playhouse" at 412-621-4445. I crave everything Tolkien related and am anxiously waiting to see how the myth manifests itself on the grand, spectacular level of the films, but I am also anxious to see this small, local scale manifestation which may provide a pleasant contrast to the frenzy surrounding the former.

The synopsis read as if it were pitched towards an audience of children and ended with the memorable phrase "the slithering Gollum". The performances are scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays during the afternoon and are no doubt intended as "family" fare.

You can also try reaching the playhouse at 412-621-3948. Has anyone seen it? What are your opinions? I hope it's better than the reviews of some of the other stage productions of Tolkien's work...
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