Hobbit Emphasis - I have no idea what this is called.

H- 'Happy' little people.
O- just 'Oodles' and oodles of fun!
B- 'Big' footed, too.
B- 'Bouncy' yes they are, but very, very short!
I- 'Intelligent' when they need to be.
T- 'Trusty' little creatures!
S- oh yeah, and they're 'Spunky' all the way!

F- 'Friendly' is a good word for him.
R- 'Really', really cute!
O- 'Outstanding', yes he is!
D- 'Dependable' for everything.
O- 'Oh', he is soo cool!

S- 'Smart' is what he is.
A- 'Amazingly' loyal!
M- so 'Many' things to say about him!
W- 'Whitty' counts for something.
I- 'Incredible' works weel for him.
S- 'Sweet' and very thoughtful.
E- and 'Everlastingly' courageous.

P- 'Perky' works really well.
I- stands for 'Incredible'.
P- 'Pie', he really loves it!
P- 'Perky' deseves a double.
I- 'Interesting' a Hobbit as you could ever find.
N- 'Nice' and very caring.

M- 'Merry' fits him so well.
E- 'Energetic' and very playful.
R- 'Really' mischevious!
R- he's a 'Rucous' making Hobbit!
Y- 'Yes', we all like him so much.

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