Grima Wormtounge's To Do List. - More coming soon...

1.Whisper into Theoden's ear about Eomer's treachery: that kid's too perceptive for my taste.
2. Swipe a few more heirlooms to send to Saruman.
3. Grab a horse and ride to Orthanc to give Saruman the news about Gandalf.
4. Hide Theoden's sword.
5. Go see about getting that pretty White Lady to go on a date...
6. Get something to put on bruise where she slapped me.
7. Bribe that one dolt to join Grima's Gallant Gorillas.
8. See about getting robe cleaned. All that grime's getting heavy.
9. Move Hama from King's Personal Guard to a doorman.
10. Get Theoden to sign paper banishing Eomer from Rohan.
11. Tell doormen not to let any weapons pass, especially not staffs...
12. Go talk to Eowyn-use speech about 'Who knows what you have spoken in the dark of the night'.
13. Find out what's causing cold sores.
14. Stop plucking eyebrows. Eowyn doesn't like it.
15. Study schematics of Helm's Deep, look for weaknesses.
16. Keep someone on the lookout for that meddling Wizard.
17. Make sure to keep throne room cold to make Theoden believe he's getting weaker.
18. Send schematics of Helm's Deep to Orthanc.
19. Condemn the rest of the loyalists as traitors.
20. Arm henchmen-Stormcrow's comin....
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